Tank Mix Adjuvant Spray adjuvant TIS-388

TIS-388 is non ionic modified surfactant, which increases the spreading and penetrating properties of a liquid by lowering its surface tension. It can be used as soil wetter also.

Product description

Product Description

A special non ionic modified surfactant, it is a special high efficiency adjuvant, do not contain technical active ingredients, it has no herbicidal, insecticidal, fungicidal function, but it has a strong affinity, adhesive force and penetration on the surface of plant,greatly reduce the surface tension, greatly improve the fast acting and control efficiency effect of pesticide.


Product Features

1.wetting agent

2. Improve the crop penetrating

3. Enhance efficiency of agrochemical fluid

4. Save cost

5. Conform to long-term environmental protection standard



Transparent liquid or light amber liquid

Active content


Ionic type

Non ionic

Surface tension(25 ℃0.1% water solution)


Penetration time(1000 times)



Package: 1000kgs, 200Kgs, 50Kgs, or 25Kgs/drum, or package customize

Storage: Store in dry place, avoid exposing to the sun.