Wetting agent for coating QS-245

Silicone wetting agent for water based rubber paintQS-245Product DescriptionProvidebestsubstratewettingandleveling,widelyusedinallkindsofpaintandinkcoatingsystem.Hasgoodwater

Product description

Silicone wetting agent for water based rubber paint QS-245

Product Description

Provide best substrate wetting and leveling, widely used in all kinds of paint and ink coating system. Has good water solubility and smoothness, but also reduces surface friction, prevent defect like shrinkage cavity, pinholes, etc.


Product Features

1) Polyether modified silicone products, safety and environmental protection, no pollution to the environment.

2) Having a lower surface tension, wetting and penetration of the substrate projecting performance.

3) Tolerance property of high temperature, good compatibility with the QS-415 (415 1% , 245 3%), can be used for nitrile gloves coating.

4) Use in aqueous and solvent-based systems, with particularly strong anti-cratering ability, especially suit for waterborne polyurethane systems .

5) Good compatibility with other additives, and does not affect the re-coating.



transparent liquid or light amber liquid

Active content


Specific Gravity(25°C)


Refractive index(25°C)




Cloud point



Soluble in water


Package: 1000kgs, 200Kgs, 50Kgs, or 25Kgs/drum, or package customize

Storage: Store in dry place, avoid exposing to the sun.