Silicone Wetting Adjuvant for aqueous paper coatings, printing inks and overprint varnishes QS-446

wetting agent QS-446 is for coating and ink system. It is a standard wetting adjuvant for water based system. Use direcly or add after diluting with solvent, stiring fully.

Product description

Product Description

Silicone wetting agent QS-446 is Polyether modified silicone adjuvant. Which is with Super Wetting and Leveling Ability, widely used in different kind paint and ink system.

It can reduce the surface friction due to the good water solubility, and to avoid the he shrinkage and Orange Peel

Product Features 

1. With very low surface tension, with super wetting and penetrating function.

2. With strong ability of shrinkage in the water system, suitable for the process of spraying, dipping and scraping.

3. Suitable for water based and oil based system.

4. with good solubility in other agents. It can thickening the mixture when work in the system with Reactive auxiliary system.

Active content percent



Colorless to light yellow liquid

Surface tension


Refractive index at 25°C



Dispersing in water

Viscosity at 25°C(77°CF)


Usage Scope 

Water-based industrial paint, dip paint, carpet glue, adhesive,

water-based coating, water-borne wood paint, water-based polyurethane, ater-based printing paste, water-based light oil, water-based acrylic acid,water-based alkyd resin and so on.