Powder Defoaming Agent for agricultural usage Anti-Foaming agent TIS-381

powder anti-foaming agent TIS-381 composed of modified polysiloxane, with great defoaming and excellent foam suppressing, which is free-flowing, no visible foreign matter and obvious caking.

Product description

Product Description

Organosilicone defoaming agent, with great anti foam, defoaming ability and high temperature resistance.

Product Features

1.Consist of Polysiloxane, silicone surfactant,white carbon black and dispersing agent.

2.Fine granules, good flowability, no caking and anti foam quickly.

3.With good stability, steady effect during storage life.

4.With good stability under wide pH value.


White to off-white powder or granular, no visible foreign matter and no obvious caking


Mild odor

pH (1% in DI Water)


Melting Point

Greater than 32 oF/0 oC

Freezing Point

Less than 32 oF/0 oC

Flash Point

Greater than 212 oF/100 oC


Package: 5Kgs/drum, or package customize

Storage: Store in dry place, avoid exposing to the sun.