Silicone additives use five points

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Silicone additives use five points :

In recent years, the agricultural market derived from a product - silicone additives, we can be used in vegetables, mixed with pesticides, can enhance the efficacy, including permeability and extensibility, but experts remind us to use silicone additives reasonably, the specific points of attention are as follows.

1, not all vegetables are suitable for additives.

We are in the onion, ginger and garlic and other leaf cuticle thicker vegetable leaves with drugs, you can properly mixed with silicone additives, can enhance the penetration of pharmaceuticals, and in eggplant, cucumber, tomatoes and other leaves more fluffy, easy to hang drugs of vegetables with damages, if there is no special need, you do not have to add silicone to prevent drug damage.

2, do not add silicone additives every time you use the drug.

Many vegetable farmers friends in order to increase the effectiveness of the drug, no time to add silicone, resulting in leaf cuticle thinning, affecting its late disease resistance, but also more likely to produce drug damage.

3, do not add silicone additives during the high temperature.

High temperature during the leaf stomata, water pore opening large, easy to absorb pharmaceuticals, and liquid water is easy to evaporate, so no special needs, do not mix too much silicone additives, otherwise it is easy to cause leaf damage.

4, mixed with silicone, the amount of drug can be slightly lighter or fast.

After the addition of silicone, the penetration of pharmaceuticals to strengthen, when spraying walking speed is slow, pesticide overuse, plant leaves with a large amount of drug, it is possible to aggravate the occurrence of drug damage.

5, try not to mix with drugs that are prone to produce damage

Some of the agents themselves are prone to damage, such as mycorrhizal net, copper agents, triazoles, etc., try not to mix, or agents must be used in reduced amounts, or the original multiples of drugs may appear in accordance with the damage.