Why more farmers choosed Jiangxi Tiansheng TIS-382 Anti-foaming agent.

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Why more farmers choosed Jiangxi Tiansheng TIS-382 Anti-foaming agent ?


Pesticides are widely used in agriculture, forestry and livestock production in order to improve crop yields, control pests and diseases and regulate crop growth. 

There are many types of pesticides, including fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and many others. However, in the production and use of pesticides, the phenomenon of foaming can easily occur due to the addition of chemical additives and changes in temperature and environment. 

These foams will not only reduce the dispersion of pesticides will also affect the effect of pesticides, when the timely use of pesticide defoamer is a good choice.

Why do pesticides foam a lot? What are the reasons for foaming?

1. in order to enhance the performance and effect of pesticides, often add a certain amount of chemical additives, most of these additives belong to the surface active agent, with foaming characteristics.

2. the production and processing of pesticides and the spraying of machinery and equipment due to the mixing operation of a large number of air influx, thus forming foam.

3. the pesticides contain many chemical components, which react with each other chemically, resulting in the production of foam

4. affected by changes in the external temperature environment, the chemical components in the pesticide are more active in a high temperature environment, which is likely to produce foam.